👤 Bio

I am a researcher in the field of human-computer interaction, with a particular focus on using generative models to expand creative expression and develop more expressive interfaces and interactions. My works have also many included interactive music and have completed various projects utilizing sound programming. Through my exploration of creative applications, tools, and platforms, as well as novel and unconventional experimentation with music, I am expanding the possibilities of machine learning techniques in music.

Research keyword : HCI, Music Interface, AI/ML, Motion Gesture, Tangible Interface

🎵 Arts / Music Works (Sound Cloud)

I started composing activities in 2019 after appearing at MUTEK.JP AI Music Lab as a GADARA. I’ve been exploring ambient, generative music as an experimental.Through my practice,I collected a city soundscape,nature sound (mostly interested in water, underwater) and compose a melody to observe relationship between environment and music, narrative of landscape, possibilities of contents creation in outside.

Landscape Improvisation

- Interaction Design in GADARA

GADARA is an interaction design unit that explores the relationship between people and technology by developing physical interactive devices, experimenting with sensing and AI-based music expression, and so on, using "the fluctuation of nature" as the axis of design.

Nature Drum

Mammalianism Light

- Activity

2023: Paper presentation.International Conference on Live Coding (ICLC)
2022: My interactive music project is relased from SONY,Sound Drive
2019.12: Performance at MUTEK AI MUSIC Lab
2019.07-12: Adopted for the 100BANCH GARAGE program
2018: YouFab Global Creative Award 2018 Special Award Winner
2016: Most Creative Interface honorable mention at UIST 2016 Student Innovation Competition

🧳 Work Experience

2022 🇬🇧 : Visiting Researcher. UAL Creative Computing Institute
2021 🇯🇵 : User Interface Developer. Sony Computer Science Laboratories. Music Team at Tokyo
2017 🇯🇵 : Interaction Researcher. Sony R&D (Human Interaction Team)